The Parish Of Deane

The parish of Deane was created by 'Letters Patent' in 1541. Over the years its daughter churches assumed their own. The current parish stretches from the Middlebrook (the river, not the shopping complex)in the north, Atherton in the south, Little Hulton in the east, and Hunger Hill in the west. In the middle of the 20th century a 'mission' church was set up at Four Lane Ends (the junction of the A579 and the A6) which was named St Andrew's.

The Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin, Deane and the Church of St Andrew, Over Hulton serve the needs of the residents of a vast area. Some of our activities are joint and others more relevant to the area they serve. For example, we have a joint Parochial Church Council but members are based at both churches.

We now have separate websites:
St. Mary's (Deane Church) -
St. Andrew's -

If you are looking for the history of the church, go to where you can research the beginnings of our ancient building which dates back to before the Reformation, with a possibility that a chapel existed as early as the beginning of the 12th century.

As part of the Deane Deanery we work closely with the other parishes in the area, especially two other churches in our cluster which were both previously in the Deane parish. They are:
St. Bede, Morris Green
St. Thomas & St. John, Lostock